Cycling in the French Alps; Am I fit enough?

Fitness can be a sensitive subject


At BreatheBike we focus on small groups, usually 6 to 8 riders and likely a maximum of 10. The majority of our rides our fully supported hence if you are having an 'off day' there will always be the opportunity to jump in the following vehicle.


If you are coming as a group to ride the Alps, then the emphasis on answering the fitness question and agreeing the fitness level of the group does fall with the group. The group will likely ride with each other most weeks at home, know what they want to achieve, which Cols they wish to ride, how many metres they wish to climb each day etc etc. However many times, once a group has arrived in the Alps and we have been riding for a day or so, we do find that we have to be flexible on the plan for the week which is totally OK with us. We would maybe miss out one Col, or even add a Col if the group is strong.


Fitness level is a more challenging topic for us when you are joining a scheduled trip where we take separate bookings. We will ask for an overview of what your cycling regime looks like, whether you are comfortable with up to 6 hours in the saddle each day. Can you climb 2000M to 3000M each day?


Our general view is that you arrive in the Alps fit and motivated and most importantly with the correct gearing on your bike. You can read more about gear selection here.



If in doubt please ask. Drop us a line to with any questions on riding in the French Alps.






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