Cycling in the French Alps; The Zwift effect

The benefits of


If you have never heard of Zwift you should definately check it out.


Zwift is revolutionary, motivational and addictive.


In short it makes your time on the turbo trainer fly by. Races, training programs and much more. Click on the video above for a more detailed overview.


I was lucky enough to be in the Beta program from mid February 2015. Winter riding ranges from impossible to dangerous depending on how severe our Winter is in the French alps hence much of the time its downhill skiing, cross country skiing and turbo.


The previous 3 Winters i was using a combination of music and videos from two well known 'turbo training' training regimes. I have to confess it was sole destroying.


Jumping into Zwift on the original Zwift Island and using a Stages powermeter, life in the turbo den had become a revelation.


No longer have I dreaded jumping on the turbo.


By mid April I was already a month ahead in fitness terms as I would have been normally. I've even continued to use Zwift through the Summer for specific interval sessions and also the Tuesday night races with riders from across the World. Give me a elbow flick if you see me.


So whether you are training for your local ten, or aiming to complete the Etape du Tour next Summer, sign up for Zwift.


You will enjoy it !!





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