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Cycling in the Alps; Am I fit enough?

Fitness and power to weight ratio can be a sensitive subject!


Group fitness is a key element when considering a trip to cycle in the French Alps and its criticl that we are all honest and open at the point of designing the tour or challenge. The routes need to be created to the  'median' level of fitness of the group. We've had many cases where the strongest rider is often the organiser. In the planning stage months before arriving in the Alps we then create a week based on very challenging goals only to arrive in the Alps and discover that the the mean strength of the group required a less challenging route itinerary.


In many cases the group will likely ride with each other most weeks at home and have an idea of what they wish to achieve in the French Alps. We will work with you to ensure that the plan meets all abilities.  This approach is critical with point to point tours such as Geneva to Nice and the cyclists Tour du Mont Blanc.


Our general view is that you arrive in the Alps fit and motivated and most importantly with the correct gearing on your bike. You can read more about gear selection here.



If in doubt please ask. Drop us a line to with any questions on riding in the French Alps.





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