Cycling in the Alps; Am I fit enough?

Fitness and power to weight ratio can be a sensitive subject!


At BreatheBike we focus on small private groups and its important that when booking that we are all honest and open and we design the routes to the 'median' level of fitness of the group. We've had cases where we been requested to put a week together to cater what transpired to be the strongest rider when the mean strength of the group was much lower resulting in changes to the itinerary.


In many cases the group will likely ride with each other most weeks at home and have an idea of what they wish to achieve in the French Alps. We will work with you both before and during the trip to ensure that we have an outline plan for your visit and that it also has some flexibility. On occasions, once a group has arrived in the Alps and we have been riding for a day or so, we do find that we have to be flexible on the plan for the week which is totally OK with us. We would maybe miss out one Col, or even add a Col if the group is strong however this is not always possible with point to point rides such as geneva to Nice.


Our rides our fully supported hence if you are having an 'off day' there will always be the opportunity to jump in the following vehicle.



Our general view is that you arrive in the Alps fit and motivated and most importantly with the correct gearing on your bike. You can read more about gear selection here.



If in doubt please ask. Drop us a line to with any questions on riding in the French Alps.