Kit List

We've put together a suggested kit list to help you with your packing. The list isn't exhaustive however if you have any questions please contact us.


  • ******SPARE REAR DERAILLEUR HANGER****** Bike shops in France rarely carry a stock!!!!!!!

  • Passport / any visa requirements / ATM and credit cards

  • Personal Insurance (compulsory - no insurance, no ride) to cover cycling

  • Bike insurance - strongly recommended

  • Bike (or pre-arranged bike hire). We recommend as a minimum, a 50/34 compact chainset with a rear cassette to 30 or 32, or 52/36 11 to 34

  • Cycling shoes - pack in hand luggage

  • Helmet (compulsory - no helmet, no ride) - pack in hand luggage

  • Sun glasses

  • Blinky lights - for extra safety in some of the tunnels

  • Cycling jerseys

  • Cycling shorts

  • Leg and arm warmers

  • Waterproof jacket and layers - the weather can change quickly in the mountains

  • Gilet

  • Overshoes

  • Racing mitts / long fingered gloves

  • Small supply of inner tubes (if you are riding Tubulars please bring sufficient spares for the trip), mini pump, multi tool, tyre leavers

  • Swimwear for the Hot Tub

  • Chamois cream

  • Off bike clothing


On most of our trips we can offer a mid week wash of cycling clothes only



Available for purchase


  • 750ml bottles

  • Spare tubes

  • Spare tyres


A selection of tools is available for your convenience including a torque wrench and bike stand. We also have access to a local pro bike mechanic at additional cost.


!!!!!There is no need to bring a track pump!!!!!